October 21, 2017

About Us


We are a youth run NGO committed to engendering in the culture of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region a deepened spirit and attitude of active citizenship, social responsibility and volunteerism whereby each volunteer will know that he has contributed to community development at the end of their project.


  • To be the centralized hub for all voluntary activities in Trinidad &Tobago.
  • To be recognized as an esteemed facilitator of holistic volunteer programs in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region.
  • To develop specialized volunteer projects and programs for every constituency in Trinidad and Tobago based on data gained from a national Community Based Needs Assessment for Volunteer Development.
  • To establish Community Service as an integral part of the education system in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • To expand Volunteer Centers throughout the Caribbean so as a region we are moving towards active citizenship.
  • To brand the Caribbean “The Volunteer Hub” in the western hemisphere.

Spheres of Service

The Volunteer Center of Trinidad and Tobago (VCTT) will perform 4 core functions:

  1. Educate the public of current volunteer initiatives in T&T by hosting a database of all local volunteer opportunities available in the public, private and non-profit sector.
  2. Provide specialized volunteer programs and projects that will target social issues and be socially inclusive to the population of Trinidad & Tobago. e.g. The development of voluntary projects aimed at involving the differently-abled.
  3. Develop a Caribbean Volunteer exchange program with 4 objectives:
    1. To develop  and strengthen relationships within the Caribbean region
    2. To educate locals  about the issues facing our neighboring islands , to make our citizens ‘Caribbean Conscious’
    3. To expose locals who may not have the resources for travel to ‘a world without borders’
    4. To educate the population towards ‘Volun-tourism’ or Vacationing with a purpose
  4. Establish a sustainable Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development to:
    1. Promote the development of Social Enterprises in TT
    2. Provide revenue for VCTT projects and initiatives
    3. Create a new entrepreneurial movement in TT towards ‘Social Business’